Unique shapes,sizes, formats and packages for unique situations…although pads & rolls represent the majority share of the market – there are certainly many instances where more tailored spill control solutions work better. It is our on-going mission to develop and deliver added value solutions to our customers – some of the solutions we find are literally amazing.


Wick Products


Specialty Specialty Sorbents

Granular Absorbents SSC

Specialty UltraTech Products

ULT-2100 (10' Section)
ULT-2101 (Connector)
ULT-2102 (Corner)

ULT-8210 (10' X 10')
ULT-8230 (15' X 15')

ULT-8431 (6' X 6')
ULT-8432 (10' X 10')
ULT-8716 (15' X 15')

ULT-8572 (10' X10')
ULT-8573 (10' X 20')
ULT-8582 (12' X 40')

ULT-8610 (6' X 6')
ULT-8611 (10' X 10')
ULT-8687 (12' X 40')

ULT-8400 (10' X 10')
ULT-8557 (12' X 40')

ULT-2800 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2801 (With Drain)

ULT-2823 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2820 (With Drain)

ULT-2831 (W/O Drain)
ULT-2832 (With Drain)

ULT-9935 (Standard)
ULT-9937 (Large)

ULT-4000 (Top Coat 1 Quart)
ULT-4001 (Bottom Coat 1 Quart)
ULT-4002 (Top Coat 1 Gal)
ULT-4003 (Bottom Coat 1 Gal)
ULT-4003 (Top Coat 5 Gal)
ULT-4004 (Bottom Coat 5 Gal)
ULT-4138 (Pump Sprayers)